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Chief Solano Chapter, NSDAR

Chief Solano Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution received its name from Chief Solano who was the leader of the Suisuni Indian Tribe, a Patwin people of the Suisun Bay region of California. He was born about 1800 and named Sem-Yeto which means “brave or fierce hand.” He was christened at Mission Solano and given the Spanish name Francisco Solano. History tells us that as an adult Chief Solano was about six feet seven inches tall and both handsome and brave. He became a friend and ally to General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo and was entrusted with military and peacemaking missions.

The Chief Solano Chapter was organized October 15, 1966.

This statue of Chief Solano stands in front of the new Solano County Government Building on Texas Street in Fairfield, California. Carey Matthews, husband of Past Regent Janie Matthews, took the photograph on November 11, 2006, after the parade that our chapter participated in to celebrate Veterans Day.